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The WETs Awards (Wareside Entertainers Trophies)

The WETs evening has been in the Wareside Entertainers' calendar since 2001, one of the social highlights of the year for us. The original awards were a lavish affair, involving a meal, music and dancing alongside presentation of the awards. More recent awards evenings have been scaled down somewhat, to allow for budgetary restrictions. We currently hold them alongside our annual AGM.

Awards are voted on by the audiences, cast and crew of each production, with a final overall vote by WE members at the end of each year.


Hardest Working Contributor

2001          Judy King

2002          Judy King

2003          Judy King

2004          Roger Martin

2005          Judy King

2006          Judy King

2007          Judy King

2008          Judy King & Rebecca Andrews

2009          Judy King

2010          Michael Merry

2011          Michael Merry

2012          Judy King

2013          Michael Merry

2014          Judy King & Michael Merry

2015          Judy King

2016          Judy King

2017          Judy King

2018          Judy King & Michael Merry

2019          Ruth King

2020 - 2022 Judy King   

2023          Rebecca Horrell


Best Offstage Contributor

2001          Shirley Mead

2002          Andrew Burns

2003          Shirley Mead

2004          Ruth Burnett

2005          Shirley Mead

2006          Ruth King

2007          Rebecca Andrews

2008          Judy King

2009          Rebecca Andrews

2010          Michael Merry

2011          Roger Martin & Michael Merry

2012          Michael Merry

2013          Michael Merry

2014          Andrew Burns

2015          Michael Merry

2016          Andrew Burns

2017          Judy King

2018          Andrew Burns

2019          Ruth King

2020 - 2022 Pippa Devonshire          

2023          Andrew Moore, Martin Moore & Michael Merry


Debbie Make Believe.jpg

Best Junior

2001          Hannah

2002          Emma

2003          Lauren

2004          Zoë

2005          Meredith

2006          James

2007          Florence

2008          Phoebe

2009          Robin

2010          Tallulah

2011          Jenny

2012          Esther

2013          Ben

2014          Aimee

2015          Florence

2016          Olly

2017          Matthew

2018          No Junior members

2019          No Junior members

2020 - 2022 No Junior members

2023          No Junior members


Best Act

2001          Ruth & Rebecca Andrews (When Father Painted the Parlour)

2002          Rebecca Andrews

2003          David Chappell & Andrew Moore

2004          No variety show this year

2005          No variety show this year

2006          Rebecca Andrews & Chris Jones (Money)

2007          Andrew Moore, Anne Phipps & Cast (Master of the House)

2008          Michelle Page (When You're Good to Mama)

2009          Xanthe Young (Welcome to Hell)

2010          Ruth King, Rebecca Andrews & Isabella Martin (Dances)

2011          Brian Houghton & Ruth King (Mr Bojangles)

2012          Bob Kerr (A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square)

2013          Kelly Green (One Moment In Time)

2014          Bob, Brian, Graham, John, Rob (Wareside Junior Caribbean Choir)

2015          No variety show this year

2016          Emma Martin

2017          Pippa Devonshire & Alex Young (I Say I Got It This Time)

2018          Andrew Moore & David Chappell (The Art Gallery)

2019          No variety show this year

2020 - 2022 John & Margaret Davis (James Bond Sketch)

2023          Debbie Rudgeley (I Dreamed A Dream)


Alfred winner 2.jpg

The Coq Cup

2001          Bob Kerr

2002          Kayleigh Hayden

2003          Andrew Moore & Yvonne Varley

2004          Judy King

2005          Dominic Webb

2006          Alex Young

2007          Not awarded

2008          Isabella & Emma Martin

2009          Margaret Davis

2010          Judy King

2011          Emma Martin

2012          Bob Kerr


Best Supporting Actress

2010          Deborah Sinclair

2011          Ruth King

2012          Rebecca Horrell

2013          Esther Gillmor

2014          Rebecca Horrell

2015          Xanthe Young

2016          Judy King

2017          Margaret Davis

2018          Rebecca Horrell

2019          Rebecca Horrell

2020 - 2022 Gemma Sheldrick          

2023          Ruth King & Vanessa Povey


Best Supporting Role

2001          Andrew Moore

2002          Bob Kerr

2003          Anne Phipps

2004          Anne Phipps

2005          Andrew Moore

2006          James Lloyd-Skinner

2007          Andrew Moore

2008          Anne Phipps

2009          Michelle Page


The Simon Burnett Award for Best Supporting Actor

2010          David Chappell

2011          Andrew Moore

2012          Ron King

2013          Andrew Moore & Ron King

2014          Rob Francis

2015          John Davis

2016          Ben

2017          Bob Kerr

2018          Simon Dixon

2019          John Davis

2020 - 2022 Alex Young          

2023          Alex Young


Wendy winner.jpg

Best Actress

2001          Deborah Sinclair

2002          Kelly Houghton

2003          Ruth King

2004          Anne Phipps

2005          Rebecca Andrews

2006          Deborah Sinclair

2007          Isabella Martin

2008          Deborah Sinclair

2009          Anne Phipps

2010          Rebecca Andrews

2011          Deborah Sinclair

2012          Emma Martin

2013          Rebecca Horrell

2014          Ruth King & Amanda Francis

2015          Judy King

2016          Kelly Green

2017          Emma Martin & Ruth King

2018          Judy King

2019          Dianne Fossey

2020 - 2022 Ruth King          

2023          Pippa Devonshire


Best Actor

2001          Bob Kerr

2002          Simon Burnett

2003          Bob Kerr

2004          Simon Burnett

2005          David Chappell

2006          Bob Kerr

2007          James Lloyd-Skinner

2008          Keith Andrews

2009          Alex Young

2010          Ron King

2011          Michael Merry

2012          Andrew Moore

2013          William Carter

2014          Rob Francis

2015          Alex Young

2016          Andrew Moore

2017          David Chappell

2018          Andrew Moore

2019          Simon Dixon & Bob Kerr

2020 - 2022 Simon Dixon 

2023          Andrew Moore


Alfred winner.jpg
Ladies Day winners.jpg

Best Production

2001          As You Like It

2002          Shadowlands

2003          World Tour

2004          The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe

2005          Shakers Re-Stirred

2006          Beauty and the Beast

2007          Showtime!

2008          Laundry & Bourbon

2009          Heroes

2010          'Allo 'Allo

2011          Noises Off

2012          Under Milk Wood

2013          The Farndale Avenue Macbeth

2014          The Flint Street Nativity

2015          Last Panto In Little Grimley

2016          Don't Dress For Dinner

2017          Puss In Boots

2018          Blithe Spirit

2019          Red Riding Hood

2020 - 2022 The Sleeping Princess AND Merlin And The Quest For The King

2023          Alfred and the Green Monkey


The Simon Burnett Award (in memory - later becoming the award for Best Supporting Actor)

2005          David Chappell

2006          Emma Martin

2007          Andrew Moore

2008          Rebecca Andrews

2009          Roger Martin (making Spot the Dog for "Heroes")

Chairman's Award

2001          Alan Harrison

2002          Shirley Mead

2003          Ruth King

2004          Keith Andrews

2005          Judy King

2006          Roger Martin

2007          Liz Smith

2008          Rebecca Andrews

2009          Ron King

2010          Shirley Mead

2011          Andrew Burns

2012          Isabella Martin

2013          Graham & Lyn Penny

2014          Paul Horrell

2015          Kay Kerr

2016          Alex Young

2017          Martin Moore

2018          Emma Martin

2019          Michael Merry

2020 - 2022 Pippa Devonshire

2023          Wendy Devonshire-Helps


Simon Burnett Award.jpg

2023 Winners

Hardest Worker                     Rebecca

Best Off Stage                        Andrew, Martin & Michael (Murder Mystery video clips)
Best Act                                  Debbie (I Dreamed A Dream)

Best Supporting Actress       Ruth & Vanessa (Shelley & Jan in Ladies' Day)
Best Supporting A
ctor           Alex (Jack in Alfred & the Green Monkey)
Best Actress                           Pippa (Pearl in Ladies' Day)
Best Actor                               Andrew (various roles in Ladies' Day)
Best Production                     Alfred & The Green Monkey
Chairman's Award                 Wendy

WETs Winners 2023.jpg

The 2022 WETs awards included all productions that took place between January 2020 and December 2022. This was due to the coronavirus pandemic, which severely restricted the number and type of productions we were able to put on during that time. WE are incredibly grateful for the support of our members and audiences, which allowed the group to survive yet another major event. Many other amateur groups had to close their doors forever due to loss of revenue so we realise how lucky we are.

2020 - 2022 Winners

Hardest Worker                     Judy

Best Off Stage                        Pippa (writing & directing Merlin)
Best Act                                  John and Margaret (James Bond Sketch

                                                 & It's Hard to be Humble)
Best Supporting Actress       Gemma (Lil in The Sleeping Princess)
Best Supporting A
ctor           Alex (Sir Leon in Merlin)
Best Actress                           Ruth (Morgan le Fey in Merlin)
Best Actor                               Simon (Billy in The Sleeping Princess)
Best Production                     The Sleeping Princess &

                                                 Merlin and the Quest for the King
Chairman's Award                 Pippa

On Sunday 19th November 2017, members of Wareside Entertainers gathered in Wareside village hall for afternoon tea, eager to find out the winners of this year's WETs trophies. With food and drinks supplied by members, everyone was in place and ready to hear this year's winners.


MC'd by secretary Judy King the group watched as each award was presented, many of the awards followed short video clips of the nominations before the award was announced and presented by an invited WE member.

2017 Winners

Best Junior                             Matthew

Hardest Worker                      Judy

Best Off Stage                        Judy
Best Act                                  Pippa and Alex
Best Supporting Actress       Margaret
Best Supporting A
ctor           Bob
Best Actress                           Emma & Ruth
Best Actor                               David
Best Production                     Puss in Boots
Chairman's Award                Martin Moore

2016 Winners

Best Junior                             Olly

Hardest Worker                     Judy

Best Off Stage                        Andy
Best Act                                  Emma
Best Supporting Actress       Judy
Best Supporting Actor           Ben
Best Actress                           Kelly
Best Actor                               Andrew
Best Production                     Don't Dress For Dinner
Chairman's Award                 

2016 WETs Winners.png

2014 Winners

Best Junior                              Aimee

Hardest Worker                      Judy & Michael

Best Off Stage                         Andy
Best Act                                   Bob, Brian, Graham,

                                                 John, Rob
Best S
upporting Actress       Rebecca
Best Supporting Actor           Rob
Best Actress                           Ruth & Amanda
Best Actor                               Rob
Best Production                     
The Flint Street Nativity
Chairman's Award                 Paul Horrell

Copy of Wets2015.jpg

2013 Winners

Best Junior                             Ben 

Hardest Worker                      Michael

Best Off Stage                        Michael
Best Act                                   Kelly
Best Supporting Actress       Esther
Best Supporting A
ctor           Andrew & Ron
Best Actress                           Rebecca
Best Actor                               William
Best Production                     The Farndale Macbeth
Chairman's Award                 Graham & Lyn

2012 Winners

2007 Winners

WETs Winners 2007.jpeg

2006 Winners

2005 Winners

WETs winners 2005.jpeg

2001 Original invitation and programme

WETs programme 2002.jpeg
WETs programme 2 2002.jpeg
first WETs invitation 2001.jpeg
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