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Past Posters

A repository of the WE past posters from 1978 onward.
If you have any that are missing from our collection, please let us know!

Robin Hood 2024.jpg
Green Monkey.png
It's Only Make Believe.jpg
Ladies' Day.jpg
Murder in Santa's Workshop.jpg
Merlin Poster.png
Come A Christmas Caroling.png
The Sleeping Princess.jpg
WE Wish You A Merry Christmas.png
Red Riding Hood.jpg
A Bunch Of Amateurs.jpg
Snow White 2016.jpg
Murder Mystery 2015.jpg
Caesar's Chalice 2.jpg
'Allo 'Allo poster 2010.jpeg
Old King Cole.jpg
Round and Round The Garden.jpg
Previews programme 2000.jpeg

Do you have posters or promotional material for any of the following shows? If so, get in touch with us via our form on the CONTACT page.

1978  What A Performance!
1979  Comedies With Coffee, Music Hall, 2 One Act Plays
1980  The Gangs All Here, 3 One Act Plays, Sleeping Cutie
1981  Off The Hook, Music Hall, Dick Whittington
1982  3 One Act Plays, Music Hall
1983  Aladdin, Camels Back, Love and Marriage
1984  The Enchanted Dragon, Nuthin' Special, Nuthin Special 2
1985  Cinderella, Tomb With a View, 3 One Act Plays, Light Fantastic
1986  Snow White, Cabaret, 3 One Act Plays
1987  How Hiawatha, The End of the Pier Show, The Importance of Being Ernest
1988  Jack and the Beanstalk, 10th Anniversary Show, 2 One Act Plays
1989  Yo Ho Ho, Wild Goose Chase
1990  The Lamp and the Ring, Devil May Care, Summer Nights
1991  Babes In The Wood, When We Are Married, Church Anniversary Show
1992  The Sleeping Princess, 2 One Act Plays, The Treacle Mine Club
1993  Dick Whittington, Treacle Mine Club 2, The Militants, Treacle Mine Club 3
1994  The Tinder Box, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Optic Illusion
1995  Puss In Boots, Cold Comfort Farm, Having A Laugh, 2 One Act Plays
1996  Steel Magnolias, The Murder Room
2000  Murder Mystery Evening
2001  Murder Mystery Evening
2002  Adventure Camp, Murder Mystery Evening
2003  Snakes and Ladders
2004  Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves
2006  Potty Panto
2007  Henna Night, Dickens's Children

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