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Merlin  auditions

WE will be holding auditions for the pantomime on Wednesday October 6th in the village hall at 8 pm.

Possible performance dates March.


If you don't have a script please contact Judy here.

Cast of Characters and audition pieces;


Vivienne: the lady of the lake, an ancient magical being, protector of Albion. Lives beneath the waters of Avalon where time stands still. She could be young or old, but she is NOT the Avon Lady.

Audition piece : PROLOGUE page 2 til page 6 exit)

Merlin: newly qualified wizard seeking employment and wanting to grow a beard. Not looking for fame and cowardly by nature, could he be destined to be the greatest wizard of all time? (Sorry Dumbledore the jury is out)

Audition piece : PROLOGUE page 2 til page 6 exit)


Morgan le fay: practitioner of the dark arts in revenge for her displacement as future queen of Albion Seeking to be reunited with her half brother Arthur, who she wants dead. Not a nice person so someone inform Santa.

Audition piece : PROLOGUE page 6 (monologue) and ACT ONE SCENE 4 page 23 -25

Jenna: Daughter of Sir Leon, has a burning desire to be a knight but in this time and age a girl’s place is in the home and becoming May Queen. That’s what Aurora the aurora predicted for her, ‘she may be a great Queen’!!!!

Audition piece : ACT ONE SCENE 5 page 37-38  ACT TWO SCENE 10 page 61 -62

Walt: Loyal, faithful, brave, true and strong. All the elements you need to be a ‘knight’ One day he will be a great knight. For now he is squire to Sir Leon and Sir Kay who found him as a baby. Walt’s life is good, but he has a secret.. he loves Jenna his master’s daughter and he cannot tell her.

Audition piece : ACT ONE SCENE 5 page 37-39 / ACT TWO SCENE 10 page 63-64


Sir Leon: A noble Knight of Albion searching for on man to unite the Kingdom. A loving father to Jenna, but he just does not see her because she can never be the son he desores. Will Jenna change his mind?

Audition piece : ACT ONE SCENE 5 page 25 - 28

Sir Kay: Younger brother of Sir Leon , a good fellow if somewhat….slower than his brother. Never trust him with directions you could get lost.

Audition piece : ACT ONE SCENE 5 page 25 - 28


Minnie: Over protective mother of Merlin. Watch out audience she is after love and money, mostly money. She is quite a Dame.

Audition piece : ACT ONE SCENE 3 page 16 -19

Elaine: Funny, generous, kind maid of all works and trusted friend. She most definitely looking for love…….watch out Merlin.

Audition piece : ACT ONE SCENE 3 page 16 -19

Mordred: Under rated and over worked slave of Morgan. Do not be downhearted ..he has love for t he many arms of Arabella his pet spider. Oh whoops she just escaped into the forest. Who likes spiders?

Audition piece : ACT ONE SCENE 4 page 23 -25

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